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The House system originated in boarding schools in England, where students living in the same dormitory were grouped into different Houses. The students in each house are managed by the head of the house, and the daily life, sports and extracurricular activities of the students are also managed by the head of the house. Today, many schools in the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States also follow the house management system. Sports competitions and other forms of activities are regularly held between houses to stimulate students' collective sense of belonging and group loyalty, develop students' organizational skills, Teamwork and leadership skills.



On entering the school, a student is placed in one of four Houses and will remain in that House for the duration of their time at the school. The placement of a student in a given House is random, the only proviso being that a balance is maintained in areas such as gender or sporting competence (we do not want all the good footballers in one House) and siblings will all be in the same House.






l  Bega               from St Bega, an Irish princess who gave her name to the village of St Bees

l  Elizabeth        from Queen Elizabeth 1st who gave her royal seal to the school in 1583

l  Foundation    the name of the main building at St Bees School UK

l  Grindal           named after Edmund Grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury, who founded the St Bees School in 1583.







The House system allows for in-school competition and school-to-school interaction.

•  Each House has an elected House Captain (student) and a team of student assistants

•  Each House has a Head of House (a nominated teacher)

•  Merits for students’ good work and positive contributions to school life are pooled in the House

•  Competitions between Houses are scheduled to take place during the year, to include:

- Sporting competitions

- Languages – English and Chinese poetry/story writing/speaking competitions

- Drama – short play competitions

At the end of each year, the school awards trophies to outstanding house in recognition of their outstanding achievements.