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Student extracurricular Activities (ECA) system

Our ECA structure contains four programmes, namely the House System, Student Clubs, Leadership programme and Public Service.
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House System
Student Clubs

a. Student Clubs may be teacher led or student led. The club leader/organiser applies to form a club in a written form. Once approved and successful in recruiting enough members, he/she will run the club for a semester according to certain criteria. The club may be funded partly or wholly depending on competing claims for funds and the size of the earmarked budget.


b. Each student must attend/run one club at the minimum as a progression/graduation requirement. They can attend a maximum of three clubs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


c.  Student Clubs may be of different varieties, as long as they help support and develop healthy interests and abilities in students. They may be sporting kind (yoga, football, aerobics), academic kind (mathematics, sciences, debating), artistic kind (hip pop, calligraphy, origami), board games (go, chess, scrabble, backgammon)


d. At the end of the club season, each club will have a culmination event, whether it is a competition, exhibition or charity sale.


e. The sporting clubs may double as school sporting teams to compete against other local schools in whatever format available, i.e. members of boys basketball club will be school’s team. They will train during club time and may compete against other schools on weekends or at other times.


f.  In principle, all student clubs are free to students. Any cost in running a club may be covered by relevant school budget. But if a cost is high, or the budget is exhausted, the organiser may ask members to voluntarily pay for expenses incurred. This may happen when an outside professional is hired to conduct training, or students go off campus to engage in horseback riding, archery, and such like.


Student Leadership Programme
Public Service