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Target of enrollment:

Students who have graduated from junior high school and plan to study abroad.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we welcome students who have been studying overseas,who have returned back to China and plan to continue their ALevel courses at St Bees(Dongguan).




Step 1:Please scan the QR code and fill in the registration form. Please prepare one electronic photo and the transcripts of the last two semesters in advance.


Step 2: Please scan the QR code and pay the entrance test fees. 




Step 3: Finish the entrance test.

After receiving the registration form and test fees, our admission counselor will notify the parent and student about the admission test arrangements.


About the entrance test


Entrance test:A written test in English and math, followed by an interview with the Headmaster.



1. The written test will include two subjects, English and Mathematics, which will focus on testing students' English level and logic level.

l  The English Test will take one and half hours.

l  The Maths Test will take one hour.

 Test your English levels on the Password system before the entrance test. 



2. Have a face-to-face interview with the Headmaster of St Bees(Dongguan) for 30 minutes. The interview contents might include speaking fluency, some topics about the student's interests and hobbies, his/her perspective view on the future or something that has happened in the world.




Please follow St Bees(Dongguan) on WeChat offical account for more information about the applications.


You can contact us by phone or email for more details.

Contact number: (+86)400 686 2268