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If you wish to study in St Bees (Dongguan), please apply as follows:



Step 1: Get to Know St Bees (Dongguan)

You can contact us by phone or email for more details.

Contact number : (+86)400 686 2268



Step 2: Register

You need to subscribe to the WeChat public account of St Bees (Dongguan), and fill in the registration form in the application menu.


Step 3: Pay the Test Fee


Every student needs to take part in our entrance test, which is convenient for us to further investigate the comprehensive quality of students. Each student is required to pay 500 yuan for the test fee. You need to subscribe to the WeChat public account of St Bees (Dongguan), and pay the test fee  in the application menu.


Step 4: Entrance Test


After this process, our colleagues will receive your application and payment, and give notice to you that the applicationis is successfully received. We will start to make the arrangement of the entrance test as soon as possible and we will let you know the details of time and place later.


The admission test is divided into written test and interview.


In the Interview part, the student will have a 20-30 minutes English interview with our Headmaster. The interview contents might including speaking fluency, some topics about the student’s interests and hobbies, his/her perspective view on the future or something that has recently happened in the world.



1.   The English Test will take one and half hours.

2.    The Maths Test will take one hour.

3.    Normally all the tests and interview will be held on one day.

-      The entrance test will start at 9:30am;

-      The interview will start at 13:30pm;

The sequence of interview will be based on the apply order if multiple students take the interview in one day. We will let you know if something changes.

4.    We will give the result of test and admission within a week.

Visit Us

 We will open a personal campus tour online registration, please fill the following form if you are interested.
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*Please note that -Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, all campus visits must be conducted under conditions permissible by public health; If you encounter the epidemic or other objective factors, your visit may be postponed. Please pay close attention Follow your email) We will contact you 3-5 days ahead before your visiting time to confirm your schedule.