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St. Peters public school settled in China

作者:admin 发布时间:2022-04-05

摘要:英国圣比斯公学入驻石家庄、东莞,为您的孩子带去最有价值的教育模式! 据2018年《中国家庭教育消费白皮书》统计,全国城镇家庭每年教育平均支出高达1.01万元,随着孩子年级越高、

St. Peters public school has settled in Shijiazhuang and Dongguan to bring the most valuable education model for your children!
According to the 2018 white paper on China's family education consumption, the average annual education expenditure of urban families across the country is as high as 10100 yuan. With the higher grade of children, the more education expenditure. All this money goes to these places? In addition to paying children's normal school tuition, attending various remedial classes is an expensive cost.
Chinese people have always attached importance to education, and parents are willing to spend money on their children's education. In China's educational concept, parents value their children's grades and their scores in each exam. Moreover, most parents will choose to let their children study in public schools. They believe that private schools are expensive and the educational system is different. Children can be admitted to the best, but those who are not satisfactory will choose some other ways. However, after careful calculation, the cost of private schools is not unreachable, and its value is immeasurable. As far as tutorial classes are concerned, many parents follow the idea of marketing rather than according to their children's personality. Tutoring not only adds weight to the children who have heavy studies, but also causes great psychological pressure to the children, and even leads to school weariness.
The most important thing for children in the UK is to exercise their creative thinking in all kinds of sports classes, and to develop their creative thinking in a scientific way... Every course, every activity and every project is a part of the personality development education system. Each link complements each other, and finally achieves the goal of shaping excellent talents.

Century old traditional private school - St. Peters public school, UK
St. Peters public school is a traditional private school that cultivates children's potential in an all-round way. So is this private school worth it? We should learn from the brief introduction of St. Peters public school in the UK. Founded in 1583 by Edmund grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury, St. BISS public school has cultivated countless elites in British politics, economy, sports, art and culture in more than 430 years. It is a school that has been praised by many. As a century old traditional private school, Saint bez public school is different from the domestic private school in the eyes of most students' parents. Instead, it really immerses children in the essence of eastern and western education and culture and becomes a future elite with global vision and self-confidence.
St. Peters public school is child-centered and rejects boring curriculum content
Saint bez has designed a variety of curriculum methods to find out what children are good at in the classroom and tap their potential. Its unique tutor system, with the most accurate vision, finds out the most prominent field direction of children and trains them in the direction of specialization. In the teaching process, St. Peters public school will not blindly force children to learn, but teach them according to their aptitude, cultivate children's interest in learning, and fundamentally let children take the initiative to learn. Moreover, in many schools in China, most students will have a problem: they don't like this course because they don't like which teacher, resulting in serious partial subjects, which affects the overall performance. However, at Saint bez public school, it is equipped with the best quality teaching resources, and all teachers have received professional training and research in student psychology. Be patient, ensure that every child in the school can develop stably in an all-round way, and help children achieve balanced personality development.

St. Peters public school will be located in Shijiazhuang and Dongguan
St. Peters public school will be located in Shijiazhuang and Dongguan to bring more children a better all-round education. Some parents may think that private schools in the UK will be very expensive, but the selection of Saint bez public school in Shijiazhuang and Dongguan will greatly reduce the cost of studying abroad and make the price more grounded. Therefore, St. Peters public school in the UK provides all-round education to cultivate children's abilities, so as to make the most comprehensive preparations for children's adult success., Let children enjoy world-class education at home and experience the most colorful and wonderful life. It is worth it!